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Question: Do you sell Lister engines?

Answer: No! We sell Listeroid engines from India. Listeroids are copies or clones of the original 1930's Lister with two Large flywheels and come with one or two cylinders. Average rpm's on these engines is between 400 and 900.

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Question: I heard the EPA band these engines in the U.S.A.?

Answer: That's not entirely true. Currently only Listeroid engines coming into the U.S. must be EPA certified to clear customs. U.S. engine builders like WCAEAPS fall under different EPA rules and regulations. As of August 29, 2014 anyone in the U.S. can buy, sell, trade or own a Listeroid engine. When people ask me this question, I always smile and say (How many Listeroid engines would you like?)

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Question: I see Listeroid engines listed on E-Bay for $2,895.00, will you match there price?

Answer: Yes! I will match or in some cases even offer the same Listeroid engine for much less. Example: 6/1 engine parts kit start at $1,495.00 and complete India Green engines start at $ 1,995.00. If you find a lower price send us proof that you can actually purchase the Listeroid engine at that price in the U.S. and I will match it.

Visit our New On-Line Store for engines and parts at:  http://www.listeroidpower.com

Old Style Listers has been selling Listeroid engines since 2000 and we are still selling Listeroids today. Why buy an incomplete Listeroid (Compressor) when you can buy a real working Listeroid from Old Style Listers instead!

  • Yes we have complete Listeroid engines
  • Yes we have Listeroid parts
  • Yes we sell Listeroid engine kits
  • Yes we offer heavy duty tools that will help you remove those stubborn flywheel keys
  • Yes we stand behind every Listeroid engine we sell with a warehouse full of parts
  • Yes we also customize parts for any Listeroid engine. See WCAEAPS for more information
  • Yes we can be reached anytime with one simple phone call or text message
  • Yes we have the answers to 97% of your Listeroid engine questions so go-ahead and ask
  • Yes we are the only true LISTEROID ENGINE DEALER IN THE U.S.A.
  • Yes all other Listeroid engine dealers have stopped selling Listeroid engines in the U.S.A.. Some may offer you a so called COMPRESSOR! Buyer Beware!!!

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A Listeroid engine is only as good as the parts you put into it. Soft cast-iron and out of round parts are always used in the lowest (Cheap) priced engines along with casting sand, thin casted cylinder blocks and so on. If you are serous about longevity then you must use parts like: steel idler gears, steel camshaft gears, induction hardened crankshafts, induction hardened camshaft lobes, custom camshafts, CNC machined pistons, CNC machined connecting rods, copper shell bearings, American grade 8 bolts, hardened, steel valve seats, steel valve guides, extra large roller bearings and so on. This is only a very small list of over 100 custom add-ons and features we can add to any Listeroid engine that will increase the life from 10,000 hours all the way to 120,000 + hours.

No two customers will order the exact same engine with all the same upgrades from us so it is very important that you have a reasonable goal in mind and the budget to get it all done correctly the first time. Let us know what your budget is so we can build a custom engine to fit into your budget.

Visit our New On-Line Store for engines and parts at:  http://www.listeroidpower.com

Always include you full name, address and phone number when contacting us. 

No other engine comes close to one of these, plus if you install all our recommended upgrades your investment will also increase over time, just like your home.

In the next few photos you will see how our customer has installed the engine for his home.

IMG 0132

Before you receive your engine from us you will need to build a proper cement foundation as shown.

IMG 0131

The engine should be high enough off the ground so you can hand start it easily.

IMG 0130

Build the enclosure (building) so it looks just like the rest of your home or office.

IMG 0128

Here you see that the exhaust has been run down into the cement and out side. On other installations the heat from the exhaust is used to make fresh hot water for showers, laundry and kitchen use.

In this installation they decided to go with a radiator to keep the engine running at it's designed operating temperature. The alternative method is to use insulated storage tanks that keep the engine at it's designed operating temperature while storing the engines heat for other more important uses like heating your home, shop and excreta.

After completion of your Listeroid power system and building as shown above the Listeroid system will actually increase the valve of your home so if you ever decide to sell your home you will receive back every penny spent and then some. Think smart and do it right!

Visit our New On-Line Store for engines and parts at:  http://www.listeroidpower.com

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